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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Dbrog

This final Craig bond film does a good job of including a bunch of fan service and had the potential to be the greatest bond film ever IMO. Unfortunately, they decided to make it into a action movie with big hollywood explosions instead. While entertaining, this could have been so much more. Bardem is easily one of the greatest villains in the Bond cannon. It's a shame we only see him in 2 non-action scenes because he is absolutely brilliant in them. They could have played up his and Craigs relationship in the film and it would have carried the entire movie.

Instead, they get caught up in explosions and the "redemption" story arch. It would have been so much more interesting if they explored Craigs inner turmoil rather than his fears of not being as good as he once was. There was also a potential for a good Bond chick but her storyline was not pursued. Not to mention, there were a bunch of plot points and holes left unanswered. Pretty much throughout the entire movie, I was disappointed with the direction they took it. Just so much wasted potential here. I honestly feel if they would have written it a bit better, it could have been on the same level as Dark Knight


I think some have lost track of what made Bond films "Bond films".

They weren't deep character films, they weren't serious nor very dramatic.

They were FUN ACTIONS movies, with very corny dialogue and all of it done tongue in cheek sense of humor.

In essence, they didn't take themselves too serious.

I think the Craig Bond films shouldn't be called Bond movies at all. Thanks to the Bourne series, the Craig Bond series has taken itself too serious, they're too dark, with no charm.

I think the last 2 MIssion Impossible films have managed to capture some of the fun aspects that the older Bond films had to some extent.

There used to be scenes in the old Bond films in which James would find himself in trouble and it would be almost as if he'd look at the audience and go "Oh shit!" very reminiscent of how Indiana Jones and Jackie Chan reacted in situations.

The Craig series shouldn't be Bond films.

Guy Ritchie would've been a PERFECT director for this series. He knows how to use comedy and action, he has a great sense of timing and keeping things flowing. These new Craig Bond movies are too serious, they should loosen up a bit.
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