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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni signs a four-year deal with the Lakers

Objective #1: 1 season to convince 3x DPOY Dwight Howard that LAL is the place for a player like him and his talent set to be........ Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni. OMGs fail. lol

Seriously though, I heard D'Antoni was actually saying he wants to put more emphasis on D and was going to look into having a top notch defensive assistant.

Look how things have tuned out for Mike D though. Them bums on the knicks (lol) went out of their way to get him fired. What happens? He goes from coaching a laughing stock franchise to less than a year later being hired by the LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NYK is like an ugly ass hoodrat who thought she dumped him only to find out a few months later he's now banging the baddest supermodel on the planet.

Knicks are so hilariously and consistently FAIL!!!!!!
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