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Default Re: How much money do you need as a 67 year old man?

Originally Posted by ripthekik
I'm just curious.

I understand the part where he wanted less travel, if he has some physical ailments, but the money???

He's already set for life, not to mention his gf is rich as hell too. What does he need the money for? Is he even going to be able to spend it all?

I mean I question why the hell a 67 year old man would come back to coach already, but since he desired to coach, why the money??
I don't suspect the money part is why Phil wasn't hired. My guess is it's because Phil wanted ownership. Jim is already upset Phils fingers smell like his sister, he's not going to give Phil his power too. Truth be told if Phil wasn't dating Jenny Buss he probably gets everything he wants and is our coach today.
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