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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

poetic justice

i haven't watched this movie in way over a decade, vaguely remembered it . me and my girl were browsing through amazon instant on my ps3 last night and wanted to watch a movie together. she was scrolling through the selection, and once i saw pac and janet, i told that b!tch to halt lol.

oh my word. what is there to say? this movie brought up a lot of emotions for me. it took me back to the 90's and all those good times i had as a kid - my huge crush i had on janet and how much pac was such a huge influence on me, even still now.

i shamefully can't believe how fine janet is. this is the only time you will ever see janet ms jackson if ya nasty dressed up "hood" but man was she fukkin fine. dem braids, my gawd dem braids. i asked my girl if she could make her hair like that and she gave me the negro please look.

the plot is very simple, and focuses on both janet and pacs characters. it starts off on how janet has developed a cold personality through personal loss, and shows the honesty of pacs character. they both have a disdain for each other after their first meet, but as destiny would have it, they would eventually see each other for who they truly are during a long road trip.

what i really love about the character pac played. was that it felt like that who pac truly was, yknow, the keep ya head up nigguh that loved his people and really cared about what was going on. i always gravitated towards that side of pac instead of the gangsta thug life dude.

im giving this movie a 7/10 because i felt like this movie was sort of incomplete and could've been something really special along the lines of "love and basketball". when pac and janet starts to develop feelings for each other, the movie all of sudden skips a lot of ground where it couldve really shown their relationship develop instead of leaving the audience to put it together. damn shame... i really miss u pac


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