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Default Re: Grizzlies are legit contenders in the west

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Would Clipper fans ideally want to face the Thunder ?

Yes. The teams that consistently give the Clippers problems are the extremely disciplined and well coached teams. Lakers experience as a unit and basketball IQ as a roster seems to give us issues and the Spurs execution and coaching murders us normally. Doesn't mean Clippers can't beat them any given night just means I'd give those teams the matchup edge in a 7 game series.

Thunder are a team the Clippers have beaten the last 3 years, even before CP3. Harden, Westbrook and Durant have all been held well below their averages in that span (Durant played much much better last year vs Clips but Westbrook and Harden still got locked up).

Thunder's lack of ball movement the last few years and propensity to turn the ball over is bad to do against the Clippers because they can't capitalize on the Clippers biggest weakness which is 3 point defense. If you're not passing much or swinging the ball, you're much easier to guard. Clippers are one of maybe 3 teams who have the size, speed and athleticism to match up with OKC.

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