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Default Re: Grizzlies are legit contenders in the west

Originally Posted by ncrizzle
almost the exact thing i expected you to come in here and say. Please dont act like the clippers swept the grizz. Series could have gone either way and if not for one of the greatest come backs in nba history, you wouldnt have the series win to use as your crowning achievement when fluffing your team.

But yes, yall won the series and yes yall won a close season opener. But i would much rather play the clipps in the playoffs and get revenge as opposed to trying to avoid them

You've also lost 6 of 7 to the Clippers in the regular season. I didn't say the games wouldn't be competitive or a series wouldn't be, calm down. I want the Grizzlies again too but only because I like the matchup and our chances to win the series, especially if healthier than last year.
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