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Default Re: Grizzlies are legit contenders in the west

Originally Posted by DuMa
Im not sure if Clippers can beat the Grizz again in a 7 game playoff series. that was a really close series last playoffs. Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans were huge for the Clippers in that series. Neither are back this season. It really remains to seen if Blake and DJ can hold up their end vs Marc and Z-Bo

Clippers are SIGNIFICANTLY deeper than last year, more so than I even expected. The biggest issue the Grizzlies have currently with the Clippers is Chris Paul's lack of turnovers and ability to penetrate and kick. Prior to CP3 it was our defense because Memphis goes on huge scoring lulls.

If Grizzlies aren't forcing turnovers and running, the Clippers are winning. You can't use the playoff series as an example because the Clippers were up 3-1 before the CP3 and Blake injuries, before losing two straight including one at home.
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