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Default Re: Clipper Fans Today

Originally Posted by crisoner
Strongly disagree.

Brown did not utilize the talent the Lakers have.
I will give him the benefit that Howard is not 100% and Nash was out...but the rotations and system made the bench look that bad.

We'll see how it plays out.

IMO Kobe's numbers are going to come to earth (though he still very good), Nash falls off due to age, Pau started to fall off last season and has continued to do so and Howard takes a while to recover from back surgery.

Outside of that, that team is total sh:t. It's Malone/GP all over again and I think the league is too deep now to have 4 guys (who aren't in their prime except Howard who hasn't fully recovered) dominate.

Edit: and I'm not even factoring in the high injury potential they have...

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