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Default Dwade da Gawd copping unfair criticism

To the few laker fans who keep popping into every thread repeating the same shit claiming that wade and bron are punks while making these bulletpoint essays - how about we do the same for your boy the kobester? Don't want to offend any of the good laker fans just want to prove a point. You want to condemn someone and act like you know them, the same can be done for your gawd. If kobe is ever injured and struggling, someone should pop into laker gamethreads and start posting how this n*gga is a punk

-is literally a snitch
-is clearly a self-absorbed punk, axe your boy phil
-is a cheater who humiliated his wife by catching a rape charge fukking with some nasty ho
-was extremely annoying when he came into the league shamelessly and embarrasingly copying mj right down to his speech

-made fun of dirks cough, how insensitive
-look at his hairline, look at that punk in a wheelchair in pain

We get it. You don't like the dude, he annoys you, w.e. that's your right. Just want you to know that most of the reasons you use are soft and can be used on your gawd too nah'm sayin?
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