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Default Re: How much money do you need as a 67 year old man?

Maybe Phil doesn't totally trust Jimmy's (questionable) basketball acumen being a determining factor in how his tenure plays out. . . . again.

Also, the term being offered regarding his participation in road games is "travel restrictions" which doesn't necessarily mean he would miss them all. That hasn't really been clarified. I could definitely see him missing a road game on the second night of a B2B. Those nights when they have a road game and then board a 2am flight to Denver for a game that night has to be a grind for him. Or maybe he just doesn't have to get there with the rest of the team. Could mean lots of things.

I'm having a hard time believing that they wanted D'Antoni all along unless they felt they had to put on a show that they at least talked to Phil before selecting D'Antoni. Then when Phil actually seriously engaged them and was rumored to be taking the job, they had to snag D'Antoni before Phil publicly said yes.

Having concerns about the triangle sounds like a smoke screen because they knew the triangle is what they would have if Phil came back. It's not like he'd come back and run a different system.

Leaves me wondering what I would hear if I could be a fly on the wall at those Laker brain-trust meetings. . . . .

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