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Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I don't think he's selling Bauer short as everything he's said is being said by multiple scouting sources. The main thing though is that he's been stubborn in listening to the Diamonback's brass by refusing to tweak his approach and its suddenly made him expendable when they have more than enough people that can anchor a rotation without him. Could be better than all of them? Yes, but he hasn't worked well with the organization to get him to that point.

Bradley also has a very mean curveball as well and a more consistent delivery. He may not be ahead on the big prospect rankings yet, but he's getting there.
Archie Bradley has a FB that touches 100 and a devastating curveball. His biggest problem has been his command, which is Bauer's issue as well, only difference is Bradley is significantly younger than Bauer and will develop.

Bradley's stuff trumps Bauer's.

Bauer just wants to K people, no matter what the cost is. He's a 5 inning pitcher right now, he needs to learn to pitch to contact and attack hitters. Not throw 4 straight curveballs in the dirt with an 0-2 count.
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