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Default Re: So, Is this Nash's Team Now?

Originally Posted by TheeBeast
"Taking a back seat" as in putting in less hard work and letting others like 40 year old Nash take the wheel?

I mean, guys. Kobe hasn't lost a leg or anything that I know of. He's still the top 5-7 player he's been since he led his team to two champs. Why would he possibly take a back seat to guys who've never made it to where he's been? He's always gonna be the leader of this team. He's been aging very well and is still the 2nd best scorer in the league, putting up the same old numbers.

If you understood the D'Antoni system you would understand why Kobe takes a backseat. The offense will be run through the best decision maker which is Nash, it's for the success of the team, don't look at it as if Kobe is no longer imprtant because he is.
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