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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Argumentative person aren't you Nobody was lying about the stats at all and I am not going to waste my time over such drivel, nor engage on meaningless name calling with someone who doesn't get the point.
Think what you want to think, learn what you want to learn.....or not I really don't care. Now if you actually have some basketball knowledge to share I will certainly listen

Saying nobody is lying about the stats is very thick skinned, I do get your point though.

Personally I think it can go either way.

IMO people who think the Lakers will play nearly as fast as his Phoenix teams did are wrong, he's toned it down since and it's not SSOL anymore, he's toned down the pace accordingly to his personnel and last year Knicks where the 4th slowest team in the regular season. A lot of the games he's being judged on are 5-6 years old, most coaches can develop quite a bit in that time frame hell I'm quite a better coach today than I was just 1 year ago.

I think it's a good sign he's looking into having someone else handling the defense for the most part, reports are one Mcmillan who's team have been pretty good in transition D which is a key for us.
Assistant coaches are some of the most underrated people in basketball, all responsibility is on the head coach but these guys spend just as much or more time with the players, having a strong figure with HC experience like Mcmillan is nice.

I think D'Antoni has pretty good half court offense, good sets that offer good chance for ball movement and spacing along with the pickn'roll he's good at teaching.

If we don't have the shooters we don't have the shooters, all the best playoff teams have good shooters and the last two champions just straight up bombed from distance even though they said you could never win from the 3pt line. We won't win the title on Dwight ISO post ups if he only shoots 50-60% from the line, players and the ball need to be moving and attacking.
D'Antonis system offers a good chance for shooters to be succesful, if Meeks, Jamison, Blake and Artest are going to clonk 3's they didn't other places in their career we aren't going to win no matter what sytem we run, not in 2013 NBA.
Artest haven't really shot well since his thumb injury but Meeks and Blake were very good 3pt shooters on other teams, Jamison has been okay as well, these guys have to pick up their shit on open shots because they will be getting them, throw Gasol in that mix he's also been missing too many open jumpers.

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