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Default Re: Shaq has a Message for you

Originally Posted by Carbine

You completely missed my point.

Your point is silly. You are focusing on him saying stats when you are smart enough to realize what he means. DOMINATE. Dwight Howard doesnt do it enough given his size/athletic ability vs his peers. Plenty of games we can pinpoint where he simply isnt imposing his will on the game offensively.

Its no different than someone saying MJ would avg 50 today. You're the type to get caught up in the stat "omg 50? he would have to do this that and the third". Bottomline is MJ would dominate the game today more than he did when he played. Agree or disagree. Same with Shaq. 28-15 are just numbers the point Shaq is making is follow the greats that played in LA and dominate. Simple.

Not sure why you missed Shaq point and focus so much on stats.
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