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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Hey, Hey!!!!! FINALLY, real basketball conversation....quite good too!!!!
I was starting to think you didn't have it in you

Mike 'Antoni (No D) has been coaching a very long time....not just in the NBA, those are the type of guys who don't change their system...if he didn't really change all that time he is not going to change now.....sure to your point maybe he won't try to run as fast...because they can't....but he will definitely not have a defense that is worth a crap.....I don't care WHO the assistant coaches are, it's the head coach who tells them what to do....he, just like Brown doesn't listen to his reason Brown lost most of his during the offseason. He has had players, owners, GMs beg him to work on defense and he refused, I cannot see him suddenly changing now.

Last year a ton of guys boasted about how Brown's assistant coaches were so good and were going to do this and that.......oh this guy is a defensive expert and that guy is a great offensive guy......and what happened.....NOTHING. i just flat out don't trust that this guy gets it, I see a guy who wants to prove everyone wrong....that his shoot quick no D CAN win a championship....this is how he wants to leave his mark on the game.
Other than him either coaching great D or at least saying that he is going to commit to defense and rebounding I will not change my views.
It's like someone thinking Phil Jackson would play rookies big minutes

Again, just as I said about Brown....I HOPE TO BE PROVEN WRONG

He agreed to having Woodson hired in New York and is now looking at Mcmillan, to me that sends a message he's willing to outsource the defense.
Chuck Pearson is also rumored to be staying, he was in charge of the defense the last year Phil was coaching.

It's also fair to consider what we can actually expect from this group of players defensively. If we can hit the open shots at a good rate I think this team should be 1st or 2nd offensively. But defensively what do you expect?
I know we have Dwight but people are old and just doesn't move as fast as they used to.
Last year under Brown the defensive specalist we had the 17th(!!!) ranked defense in the league and this year so far we're 14th.
So what can we realistically expect from these players?
I think if we can have a perhaps top 7-10 ranked defense and number 1 or 2 offense it would be a pretty strong combination, and I think there's a better chance of achieving that for this group of players than to say they have to form into an elite defensive unit when the potential isn't really there.
And just to clarify when I talk about offensive and defensive rankings I'm talking about effectiveness per possesion and not points total.

This team need needs good offense to have good defense, because when we miss shots and make turnovers(Lakers have an insane ammount of turnovers so far) the other team attacks in our weakest spot transition defense.

I think 'Antoni can get the optimal out of this group offensively, he got the same point guard albeit older, the best big man in the league and one of the best wing players ever, they will do great, take responsibility away from Artest so he doesn't have to make hard decisions, he's looked horrible in both the princeton and triangle because his mind can't process the decisions fast enough, also he can't dribble and have a hard time shooting, shit...he's tough to watch these days. I bet if Meeks can shoot like he did last year at 37 or so % he will get more time because he'll open things up considerably.

I could be wrong about all of this and we fail miserably, but I'm just trying to look at the possibilites from a positive point of view, it can't all be negative thoughts
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