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Default Re: OGT: OKC (5-2) vs Piston (0-7)

Originally Posted by KG215
I didn't get to start watching until the very end of the third quarter, but I've gathered from the OKC message board chat that we just had "one of those nights." Played with little energy in the first three quarters, shot very poorly, and just flat out got outplayed by the Pistons. Doesn't seem like a game we deserve to win, but somehow we did. I guess I'll take it.

I knew this was a classic trap game: on the second night of a back-to-back on a home-road transition, hungry 0-7 Pistons team looking for their first win, and the 5-1 Grizzlies looming on Wednesday night.

Ahhhh I see thanks. The Grizzlies game is going to be a tough one, but could be a statement if we can grind out a win. While its great we got the win, Im hoping we have less of these sloppy shooting performances as the season goes on....

Still, 6-2 baby
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