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Default Re: OGT: OKC (5-2) vs Piston (0-7)

Originally Posted by copper
oh i dont know, maybe running JJ as a pf was a mistake. Also Max was playing the pf position so JJ was taking minutes from max not Andre. The second Andre went out Westbrook and company began driving the ball right down the lane. and when Andre was in there the guards and forwards kept driving the ball right into ibaka and getting it swatted as time expired. A half decent coach would have his children drive and dish or kickout and make damn sure whoever got the kickout shot the friggin ball instead of dribbling it until the defender showed up. If they arent gonna shoot the friggin thing, put in English or Middleton, both of whome will shoot with accuracy.
Looks like to me, sadly, Tayshaun Prince is a waste of space out there. Need to try and trade him, and start developing some of the young guys like Singler and Middleton.

It is sad to see Prince look horrible wasting the twilight years of his career on an awful team.
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