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Default Re: How bad are the Pistons?

Originally Posted by DetroitPiston
I could ramble, but an incredibly shite schedule with the better teams in the west, with little rest between those games, and the fact that Lawrence Frank teams start off slow isn't a good recipe to get some wins going.

Early days, but I'm more pissed at Brandon Knight's idiotic passes he made tonight.
That's the long and short of it... for now. Once Detroit begins absorbing double digit beatdowns at home from the Magic, Bobcats, and Wizards, then we can perhaps discuss their futility.

And to be sure, I'm not saying that won't happen, because it could, but I think it's a little early to judge a team made up of seven players with three years of experience or less (including four rookies) who opened up the season on a 6 game west coast road swing against some of the best teams in the league.

They've been destroyed twice this year (by the Lakers and the Rockets) and though 0-8 looks terrible, they've been competitive in more games than they haven't been, if that makes sense, all the while their second leading scorer from last year played the worst basketball of his entire life. I feel as though they will only get better as the season moves on, especially as they work with Andre Drummond to develop further.
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