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Default Re: I just calculated an adjusted Michael Jordan career statistics, and wow

Originally Posted by Derivative
I did an adjusted Michael Jordan statistic by removing his 2 Wizard years when he was 40played for fun, his 2nd year where he got injured and only played 7 games, and his 95 season when he just came back not having played bball in over 1 year.

and prepare yourselves, Michael Jordan's career average stats.

31.7 PPG, 50.8% FG, 33.1% 3FG, 84% FT

6.3 RPG, 5.4 APG, 2.5 SPG, 0.9 BPG

29.2 PER

fyi, only 8 other players in the history of the NBA have had a single season with over 29.2 PER, and Michael Jordan averaged that for his career. and he did it in arguably the toughest era defensive era

I love Michael, and I think he's GOAT, but what you did (remove season for injuries etc) makes your last statement irrelevant as I'm sure there's others with great stats as well if you removed injury seasons etc.
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