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Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Just a year and a half? Damn, man, what weight did you start with? I feel extra amped to get more plates now. To think I was already happy with emptying my 245 lbs worth here.

Each of them alone would add at least tens of pounds on your lift. It's been said that all the gear pro powerlifters (above-mentioned plus wraps, pads, their singlet, etc) use can actually add a couple hundred pounds to their best lifts. Even without the gear though, those weights are amazing! I'm honestly still in awe of your raw 495.

I started deadlifting 90lbs.

In a couple of weeks, that was up to about 250lbs. And slowly over the last year and a half or two its just kept going up and up.
Yeah, I've been thinking of getting a belt, just to make sure everything is compact and tight, and possibly prevent injury on those big lifts.

I've found pyramid sets helped me the most with squats and deadlifts.

My GF recently actually convinced me to take progress pictures, and I have to say, its made me even more motivated. Not that I needed much more, since I've been going the last 3 or so years, but its definitely a new thing that keeps me striving for better. I'd post some progress pictures, but I feel only scrutiny and bad things would come from it on this forum.
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