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Default Re: Would Phil Jackson be willing to coach a team without a top 10 player of all time?

Originally Posted by NoGunzJustSkillz
You realize he owned them right, idiot?
Yes. Yes I do. Thank you.

The problem was the original analogy: "would Durant be willing to play for the Kings?" Well, if he was retired, wanted to come back in the league, and the Thunder wouldn't give him an offer, then possibly. Or, if he wanted to own them, possibly. Thus the point of the post...would Phil be willing to coach a team without one of the greatest players of all-time? I'm asking if he would risk tarnishing his legacy at least a bit to coach again, whatever the circumstance.

I personally believe Jordan tarnished his legacy a bit by playing for the Wizards. He went from leading teams to the playoffs every year of his career to missing the playoffs those 2 years and having losing records, something players like Duncan will probably never do.
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