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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Yup I'm playing, and really enjoying it so far. Some ISH'ers here can vouch for me when I say I tend to start off bad and slowly get better when starting a new CoD game, but this one I'm doing decently straightaway.

Only really tried the MTAR, MP7 and Type 25 so far, all of which I really like.

Maps seem pretty balanced from the ones I've played so far, only played TDM, and I tend to stick to that gametype most of the time. I'm sure there will be stuff I don't like, like any CoD game that will show up soon, but I can already see this is a big upgrade over Black Ops, for me anyway.

Anyone going to try League Play? Going to wait a few days and really get used to everything before having a go, but I'm interested to see how good, or bad I'm rated.
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