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Default Re: Shaq has a Message for you

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
There were seasons (years where they won it all) that you could argue who REALLY was running that show.

With the 2000 Lakers, Shaq was clearly the man. That's the difference.

But in 2001 it certainly becomes murky, and even the most proud Shaq fan has to admit that ... mere sidekicks don't put up 29 ppg / 5 rpg / 5 apg w/ ELITE perimeter defense.

Shaq worked his ass off in 2000, and in typical lazy Shaq fashion, never did it again until he had to prove himself ... when the Lakers shipped him to Miami instead of trading Kobe, and his pride was hurt.

By 2003, even if he wasn't the official leader of the team, Kobe was the best player on that team.
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