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Default Re: Biggest MYTH on ish: wade is still a top 5 player in nba

Originally Posted by Money 23
And Heat / Wade / LeBron haters act like the guy is chopped liver, done, no longer at very least the 2nd best SG in the league.

He notoriously starts out seasons slow, and improves as they wear on.

Yes, he's regressed in some aspects and still hasn't added a reliable jumper to his game. The only seasons he had one was in 2006, 2007 (pre-injury), 2009, and 2010.

Since 2011 he plays for the foul, which is extremely annoying. His well rounded skill isn't on the level of Kobe and Jordan in terms of foot work, post game, JUMPER to off set age and the lack of the ability to go to the hole as much.

But he's still an elite player. It also doesn't help that he's taken, on purpose, a back seat to LeBron to let him do his thing as alpha, seeing as how LeBron is still amazingly very young at 27 years old.

People have claimed this dude has fallen off every year dating back to 2007 post injury. His numbers, even with two consecutive bad games, are still pretty good. And he's still effective even when his jumper isn't on.

As I've always said, his game doesn't mesh well with LeBron's if they aren't in transition or wreaking havoc on defense together. Their games are too similar. So one has to take precendance over the other in the half court. LeBron is the better player at this point, so Wade's numbers will suffer slightly.

Everyone needs to chill. He can still play. And the Heat don't need him averaging 25 - 30 ppg anymore, they don't even need LeBron for that now. Maybe on occassion when someone isn't playing well, or someone is out of the lineup. But as it stands this Miami team is stacked.

LeBron / Wade / Bosh are all giving you between 18 - 25 points a game, on virtually every night.

Then you have Ray Allen coming, who plays better with LeBron anyway given his skill set, constant motion, and ability to open up driving lanes for LeBron coming in at SG and covering the holes in Wade's game by hitting jumpers and giving you around 15 ppg on high shooting percentages.

Wade is fine. Anyone acting like he's garbage has an agenda. Has he regressed? Yes. Does he show his age on occassion? Yes. Is he rusty? Yes. He's still an elite player, though.

If anyone is suggesting otherwise they are either a Kobe stan, trying to de-legitamize the argument between Wade and Kobe, or a LeBron stan, using Wade's SLIGHT regression as a means to prop up LeBron MORE ... acting as if the massive mark on LeBron's resume of joining two other superstars in their prime is off set by Wade playing bad makes it not exist. So they label Wade as "garbage" as if he's some Mo Williams again or something.

When anyone with half a brain knows he can still ball, and is still elite. I'd still rather have THIS D-Wade than say Westbrook.

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