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Default Re: Biggest MYTH on ish: wade is still a top 5 player in nba

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Money23 makes a great point about Wade playing for the foul since 2011. It's true. And for me, that is where the decline is. Add that he put on way too much muscle and was too he's leaner, but he's just not the same player.

James, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Dirk were all in the same tier in the regular season. You could go any way. But in the playoffs, while Kobe did play great, Wad was better (especially in getting to the Finals and beasting in the Finals).

So the only guys who have a case for him Wade over the course of 2010-11 are maybe Dwight (should have won MVP), Rose (was better in the regular season) and Dirk (best player of the year)...I suppose you could include Lebron, but Wade was better in the Finals...either way, those are the top 5 that year.
*** how did I forgot about rose
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