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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by Draz
Picking up my copy today after school. How's it going for those who have it?

I'm enjoying it. Covered a few stuff in my last post, but some other thoughts/observations after playing a bit more.

- Hit detection is much improved from Black Ops. Not exactly difficult, but it is on the whole, pretty good. You'll still get the "How did he not die?" feeling sometimes, but yeah, it's good.

- Knifing is basically the same as always. You still get the 'Commando' lunges, and you still get the lucky knife kill/death where the killcam has the guy knifing facing the other way. Sucks, but hey.

- Killstreaks are harder to get, but when you do, they go HAM. I run UAV-Hunter Killer-Lightning Strike. Hunter Killer is basically throwing a paper airplane that blows up, great fun. Lightning Strike is basically a Mortar Strike on steroids, usually gets 2-3 kills without fail.

- I don't snipe, and the few times I do I suck, but I've been up against quite a lot of snipers, and while I won't say it's overpowered, it definitely seems like quickscoping is pretty easy to do. For regular snipers anyway.

Just some of my own personal observations, others might disagree, all good.
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