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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Oh.....I didn't mean THIS season, I meant next season.
If it doesn't go well and the guys don't like his coaching + Dwight says change coaches or I'm gone......bye bye Mike part 2

I could see a possible change midway through next season. They would need to do very bad in the playoffs this year and start out slow next year though. I'm not certain we'll see that happen yet. To me the one thing that might help this thing work is if McMillan comes on board and D'Antoni lets him handle all of the defensive work. What that also does though is makes it easier for the Lakers to fire D'Antoni if it doesn't work and then let McMillan take things over for the rest of the season. Kind of like what happened in NY with Woodson. I think McMillan would do a great job as head coach of this team. At least having him on as an assistant helps out and he & D'Antoni have worked together before. D'Antoni needs to get over his ego. Hopefully he learned that he needs to make his system work around the talent he has rather than making his players try to conform to his system.
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