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Default Re: Phil comment on Sunday night news fiasco...slimy to be awoken with that news

Originally Posted by DKLaker
This reeks of a drunken move in the middle of the's the only thing that makes sense.

Maybe little Jimmy fell asleep on sunday night, and he had a dream of his sister Jeanie sleeping with the enemy Phil after he moves back in with her in Los Angeles. Little Jimmy woke up screaming, sweating and kicking his covers off when he saw them reaching 3rd base. Then he realizes that he will also lose some of his own power to Phil when phil rolls into town on his buggy smoking peyote with his cowboy hat on. Jimmy sprints over to the phone, dials D'Antoni's number and yells "YOU'RE HIRED MIKE. YOU ARE HIRED."

Jimmy the clown with his fingerprints all over this egoistic move.

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