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Default Kobe hating alert

This thread is pure speculation and most will understandably take this as an attack on Kobe or "kobe hating", but I'm sure that some will see this as a possible scenario deep down.

Hear me out.

Kobe didn't want Phil back.

It is no secret that Phil and Kobe don't like each other. I think Kobe had enough of Phil. Kobe also knew that Phil would make Dwight the focus of the offense, and Nash would have the ball more than Kobe. Kobe's ego didn't want this to happen. Kobe and Antoni also have a long history with each other, and playing under the run and gun system would be to Kobe's liking. A system that's open for him to do what he wants when he wants, his relationship with Antoni would also eliminate any head butting.

So, Kobe 'influences' Buss to opt out of signing Phil. It also doesn't hurt that Phil's asking price was too high, but according to reports they were a day from signing him, shit…. it was basically a done deal.

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