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Default Re: Kobe hating alert

Originally Posted by red1
they had their little beef but I would think kobe is smart enough know that working with phil would give him his best chance at #6. kobe knows that phil> antoni

Kobe knows this.

But I believe that there's two sides to Kobe. And the later would take the challenge to win without Phil. Besides, they have a great team. Nash was out, and Kobe also knew that it would take them time to gel as a team. Even with last season's team they're a legit threat at their worst. Add Howard and Nash not only are they a legit threat, they're a favored contender to win it all at their worst when healthy and with time together, regardless of the coach. Their talent is simply too much for teams.

So it wasn't like Antoni was gonna make or break them, neither would Phil.

I think that Kobe also figured that having Dwight in the middle would solve most defensive holes. The Antoni Suns did pretty good and they didn't have somebody like Dwight or Kobe.
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