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Default Re: Ever seen anything like this in any of your games?

So a Euroleague center who misses uncontested layups (on the dumb@sses own f*cking basket) is news now? this pathetic sh*t happens ALL THE TIME overseas we Americans are just spoiled by the NBA. This kind of crap doesn't belong in the NBA forum but I guess it should be posted because it proves what a f*cking joke the poster Euroleague is, and it proves how AWFUL the "talent" of Euroleague is.

I mean Euroleague constantly argues that players like this;

would dominate vs our players like this;

There's just no comparison. NBA > NCAA > D-League > Euroleague

The guy couldn't even dunk the fcking ball uncontested. Not surprised either - almost no one can in that league except for the odd NBA reject;


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