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Default Re: Ever seen anything like this in any of your games?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
So a Euroleague center who misses uncontested layups (on the dumb@sses own f*cking basket) is news now? this pathetic sh*t happens ALL THE TIME overseas we Americans are just spoiled by the NBA. This kind of crap doesn't belong in the NBA forum but I guess it should be posted because it proves what a f*cking joke the poster Euroleague is, and it proves how AWFUL the "talent" of Euroleague is.

I mean Euroleague constantly argues that players like this;

would dominate vs our players like this;

There's just no comparison. NBA > NCAA > D-League > Euroleague

The guy couldn't even dunk the fcking ball uncontested. Not surprised either - almost no one can in that league except for the odd NBA reject;

What unbelievable dumb post... since when the 5TH DIVISION, i repeat the 5TH DIVISION, not the first, not the second not the third not the fourth, the FIFTH DIVISION of frigging BELGIUM! have anything to do with euroleague?

Those guys are amateurs! Changes they are being paid are ZERO!
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