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Default Re: Official Comic Book Match-up VI

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
I'd like to hear jbs arguments to though I'm pretty sure I know what they are gonna be. The problem is onslaught beats magneto at his own game if his arguments go where I think they will.

Not necessarily. Magneto has been shown to use tech to amplify his powers well beyond there normal capacity and it is something that can easily be done here. Iron Man and Majestic can design a machine like the one that amps his powers and Majestic can built it in like 30 seconds. I believe he had a machine before that allowed him to directly connect to Earth's magnetic field and gave him complete control of it. Iron Man tapped into the magnetic field from Jupiter in a recent fight which could also be a trick they can use to amp Mags. Mags is much more skilled in the use of magnetism anyway so I don't think Onslaught would beat him in his own game.

The same argument goes for amping Black Bolt's voice (which caused a rift in reality last time) or weaponizing it by the prep of Majestic/Tony.

Plus, Iron Man has tech that allowed him to resist TP from Pheonix which can be replicated for all members of the team by Majestic w/o much trouble or time being used. That and Magneto being powers being super amped negates the TP edge in a very big way.

Majestic has the Kusar blades and blades forged in the creation engine that can cut through anything which Magneto can use to slice up half the team.
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