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Default Re: I just calculated an adjusted Michael Jordan career statistics, and wow

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
Everyone know Michael was just a beast and had an amazing peak.

You can do what you did for many players though.

Oh, and lol at PER. Some people talk about it like that's the main thing for a great player, when it's almost useless in my book.

six cships in 1 decade is a pretty long peak to me, more then half a career for most players...

no u cant do that for alot of players, he dismissed 7 games which virtually dont change anything; almost no player has a comeback season, almost no player returns after retiring...

even if i dont like per, i think its very valid statistic to compare franchise players

whatever, he has the sickest stats but what makes him goat are all the things u cant count on the court...(just like bird btw)
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