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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

Originally Posted by gigantes
those answers sounded very reasonable if the one of the candidates hadn't of been phil jackson.

in any world in which the current laws of reality of hold, if phil jackson expressed even a little bit of interest, you damn well try to work with him to bring him back. you stay a little bit patient and you don't do something impetuous like bring in a decidedly inferior coach like d'antoni unless you know for sure that jackson's out.

period. end of story. it's as simple as that.

You're basing your premise on this notion that Mitch, Jim, and Jerry wanted Phil over anyone, and signed D'Antoni out of panic that Phil wouldn't sign.

The truth is, for better or for worse, the Lakers front office...from Jerry to Mitch...did not think the Triangle was the best system for their team.

Also something interesting. Mitch has said that Jerry (not Jim, though he's still an idiot anyway) has always wanted the Lakers to return to an up-tempo offense as depicted by his Showtime Lakers. It's just that (as a competent owner) he saw that the Triangle was bringing results in the form of championships, and he wasn't going to argue with results.

Apparently he saw the chance to get his wish of a faster pace Lakers squad, and jumped on it. But, if that's the case, why the **** did you let your son hire Mike Brown over another offensive genius in Rick Adelman?
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