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Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Well, I did a couple pages back and no one gave a shit.

Wow though, I'm starting to think whether I took my progressions really slow or you're just that naturally strong. I started with 50 2 years ago but then found out I was doing them all wrong. I only really started doing good deads when I hit 165 last year around the same time. Cycled them in and out of what I do and just last June got a new set of weights so I decided to bring my lift up.

Have you read Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline? It's not that long a read and some people get irritated with his Evil Russian persona (I think it's hilarious though) but it has a lot of good stuff pertaining how use muscle tension to squeeze every bit of strength you have in a lift and also to lift injury-free, gear-free.

I don't think your progress would be slow, it might just be because I'm a bigger guy at 6'3 and heavier? All kind of proportional, and I've always found my back workouts have progressed rather quickly.

My chest on the other hand is a different story. Took me forever to get over certain plateaus. Starting deadlifting all that time back actually helped me get over some of the chest plateaus.
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