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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

Originally Posted by gigantes
i appreciate all that, but i still say that anyone with sense makes PJ the #1 candidate, period.

yes, the triangle might theoretically be worse than an uptempo offense, but... IT'S PHIL JACKSON. the idea that he couldn't or wouldn't adapt to fit the current personnel is patently absurd. not to mention, the triangle is not really the key to PJ's success, anyway. tex winter, yes, phil jackson, no. IMO the key to jackson's success is the brilliant way he managed and motivated his stars, and that could have worked with a number of systems.

don't even need to consider the fact that mike d'antoni's offense has never brought deep playoff success. such a consideration should be irrelevant while PJ was a possibility.

By all means, I agree. Just describing their apparent thought process.

Like I said, how the **** are you going to run an offense predicated on spacing by jump-shooters when you have no jump-shooters?
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