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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

Originally Posted by ripthekik
I don't think teams are lining up to hire D'antoni
He had no job and was just chilling at home. If he was offered a multi-million job offer as a head coach in feb he'd take it, not to mention the prestigious job of a lakers head coach and reuniting with Nash.
why would the lakers wait til feb to bring in a head coach? what planet are you living on? it's nov 13th round here bro, lakers aren't waiting 3 month to bring in a head coach, what the fck you think this is? you realize the season started last month, right? i just don't get what you're saying. did you think mike d woulda coached the lakers without a contract? is that even legal? i'm seriously confused right now.
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