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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

Originally Posted by NoGunzJustSkillz
why would the lakers wait til feb to bring in a head coach? what planet are you living on? it's nov 13th round here bro, lakers aren't waiting 3 month to bring in a head coach, what the fck you think this is? you realize the season started last month, right?

did you take it seriously in my first post that I meant the lakers should wait until february? How naive are you? I meant it figuratively, D'antoni would not be going anywhere. The lakers could have used their time wisely to select the best coach, instead of signing in 24 hours, when they have a meeting set up with Phil 12 hours later. That's the whole point, damn.

and yes, regardless of what the lakers do, if they wanted to hire d'antoni in Feb, he'd still say yes.
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