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Originally Posted by Whoah10115
To be fair, he clearly fits Miami's style of play better than he fits Boston' be fair, Doc Rivers doesn't know how to run an offense.

I have a problem with him going to Miami, because it's Miami. I also don't like it because he's I think he's still good enough to be an all-star caliber player. Coming off the bench for Wade just sounds so secondary.

But he suits their style of play. There is no argument for Wade ever being traded, unless Wade actually ever wants to be traded. But if that stuff didn't matter (and it does), Miami would be better off starting Ray and trading for a C. The way Lebron is playing, the way Allen fits into the offense, the way they need a rebounding center and some kind of rim's accurate.

All good points except I don't think ray is good enough to be an all star caliber player (consistently at least) Ray is still good enough to go on stretches for like 10 games where he'll look like an all star player but as far as being an all star caliber player for most of the season those days are gone
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