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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

They say D'Antoni was chosen because he's the best fit for the personnel and what they want to do with the team, but I'm skeptical Dantoni style is really the best way to go.

The biggest challenges for the Lakers are Thunder and Heat. If Lakers play a fast paced game that is playing right into the Heat/Thunders hand. Both of those teams are just so athletic. To me it seems like a slower paced, solid half court game game(triangle) with a focus on defense, rebounding, and using size to our advantage with a superior coach would be the way to take them down. To me that seems like the best use of the Lakers current personnel.

D'Antoni uses a lot of pick and rolls and the Heat are so good at defending the pick and roll. Everyone is so fast on that Heat team and there rotations are good. The heat trying to defend the post and rebound against bigger players on the other hand seems like their only weakness.

Oh well if nothing else D'Antoni will bring showtime back to LA and that's what Jerry Buss has wanted for a while.
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