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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

I dont know what to think. The interface is dumb as hell. Some of the killstreaks or scorestreaks rather dont make sense. You need to be a level 33 to unlock Counter UAV? Eh. I guess I need to unlock better guns. I use the MP7 and whatever the first Assault Rifle is. They ok. Just seems like I lose too many gun fights. Domination is camp central. Its a pain to get B and the game mode is different. You switch sides. Its 2 rounds. I guess to prevent spawn trapping all game. I've been playing Kill Confirmed which is much more fun. No one shoots down UAVs which is beyond annoying.

C+ grade so far. Havent tried zombies or campaign. My damn thumb hurts. My W/L isnt 4 but its well over 2. Seems like many dont care for the objectives.

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