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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
Or those silly kids missing school the entire week just to play a CoD game. Some kid brought a portable Xbox with a Wifi hotspot to school. Like whaaaaaat? Anyway, I'm still contemplating purchasing this. I got MW3 in December and got tired of it super fast. But I also kind of want AC3 and The Last of Us. Shit man.

If you really want AC3 then go with that. Maybe I need to play with parties or something. Usually solo or with a buddy. Game just doesnt knock your socks off right off the bat. With the new token thing it'll take time to get adjusted and used to it. I havent even cracked open the case for AC3 yet. So I cant speak on how good it is. But BO2 isnt anything new when it comes to COD. Same game. If there are things you wish COD did different, fixed or tried. Ask away and I'll let you know if this game does things you hoped it did that MW3 didnt.
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