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Default Re: Mitch Finally Adds Clarity to Lakers' Coaching Decision/Rumors About Phil's Demands

Originally Posted by bagelred
Reading this, I'm even MORE perplexed. Mitch says he has a job to do. Isn't part of his job waiting to hear Phil Jackson's response on Monday? Why not just wait another day to make a final decision? It's not like D'Antoni has another job why not wait, hear what Phil has to say.....and then make a decision by Tuesday?

So if Phil said Saturday he was interested, then he would have got the job? HUH????

We're not getting the real story or something.

Because once Mitch spoke to D'Antoni, and listened to and compared how he detailed how he'd use each player (particularly Nash and Dwight) on offense and defense (as a team) to how Phil described he would utilize the players, he was overly convinced that D'Antoni's system (not coach...but system) was best for their team. At which point, it didn't matter what Phil had to say, Mitch, Jim, and Dr. Buss felt strongly that they had already found their coach.

I think if Phil says "I want the job," upon their meeting Saturday, then D'Antoni doesn't get that interview over the phone, and Phil is the coach. But, once Mitch had a chance to mull over both descriptions of how the team would operate, his judgment leaned towards D'Antoni. Seems like (at least the way it's being portrayed) this was more of a debate on system, than coach (which is both smart and stupid at the same time).
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