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^ Travis Stoetzel has awesome conditioning circuits/finishers that he calls "Thursday Throwdowns" on his channel and blog. Search up his name or "getitdonefitness" on YouTube.

Originally Posted by plowking
I don't think your progress would be slow, it might just be because I'm a bigger guy at 6'3 and heavier? All kind of proportional, and I've always found my back workouts have progressed rather quickly.

My chest on the other hand is a different story. Took me forever to get over certain plateaus. Starting deadlifting all that time back actually helped me get over some of the chest plateaus.

I'm 6'0 172, which is awesome for me having come from 158 last March. I also do find that pulls/pulling muscle are much easier for me to load up on that presses/pressing muscles but I do stick to a weight until I feel it get significantly lighter. And I remember reading somewhere that there's a certain inhibition mechanism in muscles that tries its darnedst to restrict a muscle from getting "too strong" as opposed to its antagonist, so maybe that's what happened to you.
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