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**** you jeff loria and now our only notable player stanton is pissed and will probably never want to extend with us. Anyone who goes to the games next year is a ****ing idiot with this lying piece of shit owning the team and lying to the locals who paid for the stadium Makes me appreciate the Heat even more great owner who cares about the team along with a great gm. I even appreciate Jeff Ross more now too even though the dolphins are mediocre hey don't pull shit like this and I still enjoy watching them after all the years of mediocrity and past greatness. I will still end up watching the marlins anyway been watching them for too many years and hate the idea of jumping on another teams band wagon. Can't believe I went to some of the games last year Time to pop the strongest drink I have and

TLDR: Still a marlin fan but will probably start losing more interest in baseball and **** jeff loria

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