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Originally Posted by bk15
a trade could be commin up but Allen Ray doesnt fit in with the point gaurds cause he doesnt have the skills.. hes more of a 2 guard but can also a lil bit of point

But IF it's AI we're trading for, having a PG who's more of a combo guard wouldn't hurt us at all. AI is considered a SG and has played against bigger guards on both ends of the floor his entire career. That's actually part of the reason why I was hoping Green was thrown into any potential AI deal instead of Delonte because having AI (and Pierce) to drive through the lane and kick the ball back out to Delonte on the perimeter would be easy buckets all night. However, if Delonte would be the odd man out in any future trade, Allan Ray could fill in as a poor man's Delonte in the meantime. Ray's an excellent perimeter shooter as well, and is aslo more than capable of driving to the basket- something that Delonte lacks in his offensive game.

Before I get ahead of myself though, right now I'd say he was the 4th PG/3rd SG until any trade is made. Again, IF it is indeed AI that we trade for and Delonte is apart of that trade, I would definitely start Telfair (or Tony Allen depending on what position AI were to play) and have Ray and Rondo battle it out for the first back up PG spot.
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