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Default Re: Texas Petition to Secede Has Enough Signatures to Require White House Response

Originally Posted by General
I'd love to immigrate there LEGALLY the next day if it ever happens, but I'm not giving up on this country, we can survive four years of this socialist, I'm sure of it. . The next four years won't be pretty folks. Obama is leading us down a dangerous path. Government will get bigger, tax rates will rise on our job creators, and he will change the course of our country forever if he gets a chance to replace a conservative judge on the Supreme Court.

This. Liberals are acting like they were so cool headed in 2000/2004 The left was vicious calling our President a war criminal and the mainstream media was compliant.

The previous president actually had a major American landmark destroyed by a terrorist attack. Cut taxes and deregulated things to the point that it led to largest financial collapse of our lifetimes. Employed the use torture as a legitimate tactic. Started a war under false pretense and gave 700 billion to banks and said their can be no oversight to how that money is used.

Oh yea, Obama is just as bad as Bush....

Yeah right.
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