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Default Re: Texas Petition to Secede Has Enough Signatures to Require White House Response

Originally Posted by DonDadda59

"You are a part of the CONfederate alliance and a traitor to your nation"

And what the hell is the 'traditional America"? I don't know if you've noticed but it's the year 2012, a lot of things have changed since the last time unAmerican traitors such as yourself declared secession. I'm assuming that 'traditional America' includes the institution of slavery, am I off base here?

You guys are completely out of touch with reality, and that is why you fail.

If you work., YOU get paid, not the lazy parasites who live off the taxes stolen from your paycheck.

If you don't work to EARN what you want, you don't get it. Government doesn't steal it form your neighbor and give it to you.

The government is LIMITED in what it can do by the powers granted by the Constitution of the United States. It is NOT here to feed, clothe, house and medicate you when you are too lazy to get off your butt and work to earn what you need.

People are held responsible for the consequences of their own actions and choices and reap the rewards of those same actions. These include choices to smoke, drink alcohol, be fat, a junkie, a sexual animal with no control, a baby factory or a criminal by being in this country illegally.

I choose what charities I support and IF I support them.

If you CHOOSE to live in disaster prone areas, YOU also choose to accept the consequences. You don't have the right to tell taxpayers across the country they have to pay to rebuild, replace or repair YOUR property after a storm and they have no obligation to do so.

You have no special rights just because of the color of your skin, your genitalia, your sexual orientation or anything else over which no one has any control. You do not have the right to redefine words just to make your choice of sexual partner tax deductible. You do not have the right to shove any of your uniqueness in my face. I could not care less about it most of the time.

If I work to EARN something, you do not have the "right" to have it as well just because you want it. Get off your butt and EARN it. If you try to take it from me, I have the right to fight, armed if I feel it is necessary, to keep it.
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