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Default Re: Texas Petition to Secede Has Enough Signatures to Require White House Response

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Yeah the lunatic fringe has come out loud which is good imo because they expose their stupidity and essentially shoot whatever "movement" they had in the foot.

I remember Democrats in 2004 threatening to move to Canada and arrest Bush and Cheney for war crimes. It'll die down soon.

well i was never a part of that far left thought altho i did have major issues with how secretive and shady Bush/Cheney were and how they made statements that we don't torture, then later tried to classify waterboarding as not torture. they were basically lying thru their teeth to all of America to the point it was insulting.

if they should've been arrested or impeached it should've been because of that. and lol @ Clinton getting impeached over lying about having a BJ by the vindictively fanatical Repubs
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